Starting The Procedure In Having A Tunnel Built To Increase Customer Traffic

If you own a business and you wish to increase the amount of customers that come to your establishment, you may have looked at adding another entryway to your property. If there is an area of land where a hill is presently blockading a portion of your property from traffic that flows on the other side, the construction of a tunnel will get those people into the parking area effectively. Your business will need to work with the town in finding out how to open up this area so traffic flow increases. Here are some tips you can use when getting started in the proposal of having a tunnel built on your property to increase your customer base.

Find Out Town Stipulations In Building First

It will be necessary to obtain permits to have a tunnel built on your property. This will require you to go to your town hall to inquire about the rules and regulations in your area before you undertake a large construction project of this nature. The town will need to be notified of your desire and you may have to sit in on a hearing to find out if they will allow for a roadway to be built to direct traffic toward your establishment after the tunnel is constructed.

Contact A Consulting Company And Get Cost Estimates

Let the town know you will be responsible for the cost of the tunnel construction since it is on your property. This may make it easier to obtain the necessary permits needed to get the project done to your specifications. Calling a consulting company, like Wirthlin Consulting Group, to aid in the number crunching ahead of time will allow you to determine what type of tunnel you can afford. Giving the town a proposal along with sketches and diagrams of the tunnel after it is placed will help in proving it will be visibly appealing to those in the community. 

Show The Benefits The Community Would Obtain

It is best to go to a building proposal meeting with a list of the benefits those in the area would enjoy due to the construction of a tunnel on your property. Researching the traffic patterns and showing the tunnel may ease up on road deterioration in the area can be a positive aspect the town will agree to. The tunnel can also be named after an important figure in the town and dedicated in their honor as an appreciative gesture in having it built on your property.

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If you own a business and you wish to increase the amount of customers that come to your establishment, you may have looked at adding another entryway

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