How to Make a Plan to Change Your Life

We all want to make our lives better. Following through on personal goals is never the easiest thing to do. Here are some tips on how to make a plan for change and stick with it. 

Enlist a Personal Life Coach

It will be difficult to make changes permanently. Identifying the right goals to set and sticking with them is a process, but it helps to have someone there to advocate for you. A personal life coach is helpful in a few ways. They are there to talk through your goals with you and help you be realistic about goals and timelines from the start. They will help you set next steps to take on your goals and motivate you to follow through. They can work with you at critical moments to stay on top of your goals when you feel deflated. Overall, a personal life coach may be what keeps you on track when you are tempted to turn back at critical points. 

Set the Right Goals

When you start to think about the goals you want to make, they need to be realistic. You might have to set smaller goals on the way to a bigger goal. You might need to set generous timelines in order to complete goals; it's better to accomplish something earlier than you expected, rather than fall behind your timeline and become discouraged.

Also, the right goals are ones that are framed in a positive fashion. If you can think of things you want in your life rather than things you don't want, it's easier to motivate yourself. This type of goal is called an approach goal in psychology. It's found to make a significant difference in positive thinking when you frame goals as a positive rather than a negative. For example, change "I don't want to be overweight" to "I want to lose 25 pounds" in order to change your goals from positive to negative. 

Share Goals With Others

When you have your list of goals, keep others informed. Let your friends and your personal life coach know how you're doing with your goals on a regular basis. Social pressure is a powerful tool to keep us from straying away from set goals. 

Think About What Motivates You

There will be days that are particularly hard when making a change. Let your personal life coach help you find what it is that motivates you to change, and place reminders of that motivation around your life to help you through moments of weakness. 

To get started setting goals and making a change in your life, check out programs like Strategic Life Management.

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